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Welcome to the Western Connecticut Therapeutic Massage studios in Brookfield Connecticut. We are a holistic wellness center where we provide many types massage therapy modalities and other therapeutic services to benefit your entire wellbeing. We are located at 15 Stony Hill Rd. in Bethel,CT. My name is James Wolfe and I founded Western Connecticut Therapeutic Massage llc in April of 2014. I have been a licensed massage therapist working in the Danbury/Brookfield Connecticut area since 2007. My primary focus as a massage therapist is to help my clients reach their physical goals. Wether that is to help improve their muscular function for a sport or other activity, or to reduce muscular pain to provide a better quality of life. Most of the clients I work with are dealing with some type of muscular issue like chronic pain due to injury or accident. Or they are competitive athletes looking to improve there performance and help their bodies in the recovery process. I provide deep tissue and sports massage techniques during these massage therapy sessions, while educating my clients on a variety of topics. Such as proper stretching techniques, postural excises, and neuromuscular functions. I am also proficient in a variety of other massage therapy techniques such as: Swedish massage, acupressure, and myoskelital alignment techniques to name a few. I not only rely on deep tissue massage techniques during the massage therapy session but integrate all my therapeutic massage knowledge to provide a massage therapy session to meet everyones individual therapeutic needs.

 I work in my private massage therapy office and I also provide my massage therapy and bodywork skills in the clinical settings of physical therapy and chiropractic offices. Working in this variety of settings I am well versed in many different injuries as well as pre and post surgical issues and how massage therapy can help. Most of the clientele I work with are people dealing with overuse syndromes and repetitive injuries such as daily commuting, office and computer work. I also work with people  looking to reach athletic goals or dealing with chronic pain and managing it.  As well as with these focuses, I provide a relaxing massage experience for those who just wish to take a break from the day to day stress.

This blog is to introduce you to what we do for massage therapy and other healing modalities at our holistic wellness center. First off it is a therapeutic massage studio offering a variety of different massage therapy techniques to meet all of your therapeutic massage needs. Besides massage our practitioners provide other healing services like Reiki and Aromatherapy. Each member of our office is an independent contractor and not an employee. We all work together to provide the best therapeutic avenue for your health and happiness. Each practitioner received 100% of their profits and is completely responsible for your care while working with them.

Through this blog each service provider will be relating to you, the reader, their own outlook and abilities on ways they can help you. So you can better understand how they can assist you to reach your therapeutic goals. Having Massage Therapists, A Reiki Master, Aromatherapist and other practitioners under one roof, we all add to this blog so it can help you better understand how and which of us, or all of us can help meet your therapeutic needs.

So please come in visits our holistic wellness center, get to know how massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy and everything else will benefit you and you life. We at Western Connecticut Therapeutic Massage llc are here to provide you and the greater Danbury/Brookfield area or all of Connecticut with our combined holistic therapeutic knowledge. To treat your whole mind and body to a more natural way of health and happiness.

Thank you,
James Wolfe LMT

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