James Wolfe,LMT  Is the owner and operator of Western CT Wellness LLC. He has built his approach to Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork through his years of experience in practice, and a continual study of muscle function and movements. He focuses this approach to Massage Therapy by assessing each persons body structure. This process of structural assessment allows for the understanding of each individual and their own body's function. By continually reassessing a persons structure the understanding of the pattern in which they create movements becomes more clear.

​The application of his approach:

A change to the structure of the body directly changes its function i.e. its movements. In turn, a change made in the function (movements), will directly result in a change  to the body's structure.
Inevitably our bodies and their structure change, and our movements adapt to this change. This inevitability of change and adaptation will either lead to a greater or lesser ability to create proper movements and functions with our body.

Addressing Pain:

Pain becomes present in a number of ways. At Western CT Wellness we look at pain in the categories of  acute and chronic. When acute pain presents itself, it's a result of an imbalance between our structure (body's posture) and our function (the way our muscles create movement). When our pain becomes chronic, the persistence of pain becomes present. This is typically do to an improper change that has occurred between our structure (body and posture) and its function (the way we create movements)

At Western CT Wellness the focus on Therapeutic Massage is on applying knowledge of structural integrity and the creation of movements. Every session is planned out for the individual and their unique set of circumstances. Specifically tailoring the sessions by integrating a verity of therapeutic techniques, allows to address each person on a individual basis.

Specializing in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage allows the clients to choose their preferred style for their session. As future sessions become customized this preference of style is kept in mind. Allowing the seamless integration of new techniques to specifically address individual needs.

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